Lattice Grades

Examples of Clear Grade and No. 1 Grade Lattice.

Clear Grade:

The finest wood lattice on the market. Our Clear grade lattice is made entirely of smooth-sawn clear lath. An occasional bird's-eye or pin knot is permitted, but no holes, wane, splits or stains are allowed. These panels are assembled with gluecoated stainless steel fasteners to eliminate rust stains.

No. 1 Grade:

Made of carefully pre-graded, smooth sawn lath to ensure fine appearance and consistently well manufactured, durable panels. These lattice panels contain a proportion of clear lath, but allow sound knots and other minor wood defects. These panels are assembled with glue-coated galvanized fasteners. Stainless steel upgrade is available with additional charge.

Select No. 2 and Better Grade:

A structurally sound lattice, made of pre-graded lath, which may have some characteristics that make it unsuited to installations where top appearance is a major factor. Does not permit characteristics that would significantly reduce structural integrity.

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